From an incredibly early age, Hailey found her heart’s home in the performing arts. Singing, dancing, and acting were as natural as breathing for the young triple­ threat from a suburban Georgia town north of Atlanta. Miss Munier began taking vocal lessons at age eight from Erik Grant Bennett and Elise Bennett, owners of the Honey Bee Records Music School, recording studio, and indie record label. During her ten years of intensive training, Hailey would study not only vocal technique and performance at Honey Bee, but also piano, music theory, harmony, ear training, and sight­ singing.

Additionally, she was an active member of an advanced high school chorus at Buford, under the direction of Chris Fowler, a long time, well respected pioneer of the Fine Arts program in the area, until graduating in 2014. A seemingly limitless range, a distinctive tone that rings with perfect clarity, and an honest delivery are a few of the attributes of Hailey’s sound.

Hailey Munier - Boomerang Single


Straight from the A-T-L, Honey Bee Records proudly presents the debut pop single from new artist Hailey Munier entitled “Boomerang.” The single “Boomerang” was written by Hailey along with producer Erik Grant Bennett, and was mastered by award-winning engineer Erick Labson at Universal in Los Angeles, California.